Lincoln Futura – Debbie Reynolds

What a strange inspiration, Master Coach Builder Marty Martino, received for the New Year … It Started With a Kiss.
Earlier this week Marty had decided to “Hinge” the deck lid to the Lincoln Futura while he had just the upper deck panel in the shop on saw horses for ease. Not yet having heard the sad news of Debbie Reynolds passing. While working in the shop, listening to the 60’s on satellite radio, Marty heard the tributes to Debbie Reynolds, and was stunned!
Marty Martino continued to work on the Futura, listening to the tribute to Debbie which lasted all day. Not only was Debbie Reynolds multi-talented, beautiful and America’s Sweetheart, but she was the first Hollywood actress to star along side of the Lincoln Futura (with some help from Glenn Ford) the movie was “It Started with a Kiss” MGM Circa 1959.
 All day while working on the Futura’s deck hinges Marty had been remembering how one of his most far fetched, long term fantasies was to take Debbie Reynolds for a ride in the finished Lincoln Futura recreation.
We all have great dreams and hopes for the future. God Bless you Debbie, your wonderful charm won’t soon be forgotten especially for Master Coach Builder Marty Martino and the Lincoln Futura.
Side Note: Debbie had a museum in Las Vegas, that I’ve never seen, I wonder if there were any lobby cards or other memorabilia from the movie showing the Futura? If anyone knows of such, please leave a comment here on Still Runnin Magazine.
Watch this great compilation from the movie.
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