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If this is your first visit … Welcome to Still Runnin, A REAL LIFE HOT ROD MAGAZINE!

SRM is a free online automotive Ezine about the automobiles of yester-year. Still Runnin Magazine, in company with a few others, is one of the first automotive Ezine to go live on the internet. As you flip through the pages you’ll notice that SRM’s content is a different type of gearhead magazine than the norm’, and Still Runnin’s publications are free to all viewers 24/7.

We turned the ignition on in 2008, cruised a lot of miles between then and now, here we are in 2011. Thanks to a ton of emails from gearheads around the globe its been confirmed that our concept about “Real People, Real Machines and Real Stories” is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

If you haven’t browsed SRM’s pages, Still Runnin Magazine is Not about a team of fabricators with an unlimited budget, with camera crews following them around on tight schedule, like the builders of the new millennium. Still Runnin Magazine is a Real Life Hot Rod Magazine!

Have you ever been to a car show and saw a car that had a lot of work, and maybe some innovative ideas done to it? Maybe it was obvious that it had been done by the owner himself?  Possibly just by looking at it you could tell that someone had put a lot of time, effort, and love in the car … and most importantly it had been Driven to the show? Then put next to a high dollar trailer queen to be judged in the same class? Maybe this has happened to you? The fact that you drove the car 50, 100 or maybe 200 miles or more to the show, and drove it back home didn’t account for anything?

These cars make up probably 85% of the hobby and receive only a small amount of attention.  Well, that’s how this magazine got started. $10,000 paint jobs and cars towed to a show take a back seat here with us at SRM. We cruise the East Coast catching both small and large shows in our old stuff, looking for people with similar interest. Still Runnin Magazine is about the average Joe, designed to be as much yours as it is ours. Not only do we welcome our readers input, but request it! Old style hot rods, bone stock originals, customs … as long as you use it, we’d like to see it.

We are Not rich, nor famous, we’re just having fun with what we have. Just crusin’ trying to earn a livin’ and spending our last extra dollar on our old stuff. We scavenge the swap meets and are always on the look out for that junk yard that hasn’t crushed all of its old inventory. We’re still turnin’ the wheel and scrapin’ our pegs every blasted chance we get. Lost in an era when automobiles and motorcycles could be kept runnin’ without computers. We’re not about trailer queens, the judges or trophies. We’re just buildin’, fixin’ and using our old iron for the purpose that it was intended for … Drivin’ & Ridin’!

Our home stomping ground is Virginia in the kookiest lil town of Mechanicsville, (go figure) but we don’t stay parked too long. We travel the east coast sometimes soaking up the rays in the Sunshine State and crusin’ the local car shows or roaming the Turkey Run or the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise. Other times we’re crusin’ around Jersey at Lead East, the World’s Largest Fifties Party or grabbing a dog at Hiram’s or a slice at Pizza Town and everywhere in-between. Sometimes we stray a little bit off to our automotive friends west.

We invite you to be part of Still Runnin Magazine and meet fellow gearheads just like you. We feature events, meets and cool places around unknown bends. We spotlight the homegrown builds built by the guy next door in his garage on an average American budget. Enjoy our exclusive interviews with Master Artist Bob Petillo and his Masterpiece Series of “Reflections of America”, along with many other talented automotive artist around the globe.

We have In-House Experts, each with a plethora of useless information … go ahead ask them a question, they love to talk shop! Speaking of talking shop … register yourself on the Runnin Board, Still Runnin’s forum.

Hope to meet you on the highways and byways, cos we’re “Still Runnin” and enjoying every mile of the ride! Join us on the journey!