Page 4 - Still Runnin - issue 1
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Welcome to Still Runnin, the newest Still Runnin Is Not About a team of Ezine online. We have been traveling up fabricators with an unlimited budget, and down the east coast this past year with camera crews following them talking to a lot of people and making around on a 4 week time schedule, like many new friends. We have met some the builders of the new millennium. extraordinary people and machines along the way that we can’t wait for you We’re Not Rich and Famous, we’re just to meet. having fun with what we have. We’re just crusin, trying to earn a livin’ and Still Runnin is a different type of spending our last extra dollar on our gearhead magazine, get ready to shift machines. We scavenge the swap gears because Still Runnin is a meets and are always on the look out magazine designed for you; Real for that junk yard that hasn’t crushed all People, Real Machines, Real Stories! of its old inventory.
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